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TinyApp is an active documentation solution for teachers and families to communicate together. It is a tool to change the early education.  TinyApp is easy to use for teachers, always available for parents and ready for children’s reflections. As a teacher or a parent, you are more aware of child’s daily activities.

TinyApp makes daily pedagogy visible.

TinyApp is certified by Kokoa Education Standard™ certificate

Products with Kokoa Education Standard™ certificate are guaranteed to represent high educational value and robust pedagogical design.  All certified products are analysed with Kokoa expert evaluation method, which is designed to evaluate product’s educational quality and learning engagement.

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What our customers say about us

“Both parents and staff found TinyApp a modern way to communicate and strengthen the co-operation. TinyApp is quick and easy to use in the communication between nurseries and families.”

– Arabianhelmi Kindergarten, Finland

“as a teacher i can easily share child’s important learning moments for parents during the nursery day.”

– Lilliputti Nursery, Finland

“TinyApp collects easily in one place our daily information and events. All the info is available to parents when they need it.”

– Tenava Nursery, Finland

“as a parent i feel more involved in my kid’s nursery day.”

– Father of two children, Finland

“easy to use and easy to take into use without earlier experince.”

– Preschool Teacher

“both parents and teachers report active and better cooperation via tinyapp.”

– Mother of two children & Early education teachers

meet Our team

TinyApp Team exists to improve early education worldwide. We want to make sure that teachers, parents and children get the best possible daily experience. TinyApp is from Finland and developed together with Finnish early education professionals. 




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